Quartz Tip with Inclusions

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Quartz Tip with Inclusions

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Quartz or Kamena Strela is a stable modification of silicon dioxide. It is one of the more present and popular minerals.

Many times, different minerals grow inside Quartz -- from Hematite, Tourmaline or a mixture of several minerals. This growth within the crystal is called "inclusions".

With the purchase of this product, you receive a Quartz tip, which has inclusions of various minerals inside. This creates a truly amazing 3D effect that needs to be seen live.

Metaphysical characteristics of Quartz stone:

  • A stone known as the "Master Healer" or "Zdravilec"
  • Regulates life energy according to needs 
  • It helps in raising and improving concentration 
  • It stimulates the immune system
  • It improves our connection with the spiritual world
  • It helps with difficult decisions, it helps us see things in a clearer light

Product features:

  • The product is natural, so dimensions, colors and shape may vary slightly.
  • The crystal that will be mailed to you will be chosen at random.