Pistachio Calcite Tip - Small

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Pistachio Calcite Tip - Small

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Calcite is one of the more common minerals. It primarily comes in white or transparent color, but various impurities can "color" this crystal and help change the color.

The ancient Egyptians made various products and souvenirs from calcite, many of which were dedicated to their goddess Bast. Even the Vikings used Calcite to navigate in cloudy weather.

Calcite is still used today for soil stabilization, concrete repair and other purposes.

Pistachio Calcite is formed due to the admixture of green chlorite in the white base of calcite.

Metaphysical Characteristics of Pistachio Calcite:

  • It helps us prioritize our physical and mental health,
  • It reminds us that our "mistakes" are what make us whole,
  • It helps us break bad habits and patterns and cultivate better ones,
  • At the end of the day, it helps to relieve stress more easily.

Product features:

  • Origin: Madagascar,
  • Weight: 190-250 grams,
  • Ground tip.