Pyrite Sphere

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Pyrite Sphere

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Pyrite is a beautiful metallic mineral, also known by the saying: "All that glitters is not gold." It has a beautiful gold-like shine and is extremely heavy. When touched, it may leave a little black on the hands due to the metal content.

This type of Pyrite is called “Chispa” and comes from Peru. It is known for the abundance of small crystals on the surface of the stone.

This product comes in the form of a ball, with the raw pieces of Pyrite exposed. A truly wonderful product. 

The shape of the crystal (sphere) represents unity with oneself — from body to spirit. Also, the sphere is a symbol of respect for the cyclicality of all energies and a symbol of wholeness. Due to its shape, the ball sends the vibrational properties of the crystal in all directions, so it is particularly suitable for regular use and for all those who like to hold crystals regularly in their hands.

Metaphysical characteristics of Pyrite:

  • An extremely powerful stone of protection,
  • Protects and repels all negative energy,
  • Encourages action and proactivity,
  • It stimulates the flow of ideas, 
  • It increases the confidence and potential of the person using it,
  • Attracts abundance.

Product features:

  • Origin: Peru,
  • Approximate weight of each piece: about 120g,
  • The product is natural, so the measurements may deviate slightly,
  • The piece that we will mail to you will be chosen at random.