Lapis Lazuli Orb

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Lapis Lazuli Orb

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Lapis Lazuli, a beautiful deep blue crystal that looks like a royal stone. Its appearance is not far from the truth, especially as far as the beginnings of its use are concerned.

Lapis Lazuli was mined as early as the 7th millennium BC. Even then, it was used by people of the highest rank, kings, queens, priests and healers. It was also used in Tutankhamun's funeral mask.

One of the most beautiful and valuable pigments was also produced from it - ultramarine, which was used by renowned painters.

Today, the stone is more readily available and especially popular among crystal collectors.

Metaphysical Characteristics of Lapis Lazuli Crystal:

  • It encourages the authenticity of the person who wears it and helps them to live their true self,
  • It reminds us to stand by our decisions,
  • It helps us to get to know ourselves and to engage later in accordance with our personality and desires,
  • Improves self-expression and communication,
  • It encourages us to take life into our own hands.

Product features:

  • Approximate measurements: Each piece is approximately 15mm long,
  • Approximate Weight: Each piece weighs approximately 6 grams,
  • The product is natural, so the dimensions, shape and colors may differ slightly from those in the picture,
  • The piece that we will mail to you will be chosen at random.