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A tree of protection and purification

Juniper is a versatile low tree that is used today to make drinks, boxes, and cutlery. Many people do not know that before the ancient peoples discovered this versatile utility, they called the juniper a "tree of protection and purification".

Native Americans took a juniper branch with them on long journeys for protection. This should protect them from negative influences and destruction. Juniper water was also used in the ancient spiritual purification custom of the "sweat lodge", where the water was poured over hot stones and thereby created purifying steam.

Today, juniper twigs are used as incense. They are intended to protect the space around us, as they prevent the entry of negative influences into our lives. This herb is especially suitable for those who suffer from anxiety — juniper creates a safe space full of protection.

We use it when we are in search of inner peace after we drive away the bad energy that has accumulated around us. Above all, incense is also useful when we decide on a new direction in life, accept a new task, a new project.

Product features

  • Organic Juniper, sustainably grown and harvested in the Netherlands,
  • The roll measures approximately 10 cm in length,
  • Suitable for repeated use.

Instructions for use