White Sage with Eucalyptus

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White Sage with Eucalyptus

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A combination to increase life energy

Anyone who knows the smell of eucalyptus knows how incredibly it revives absolutely all the senses. One of the oldest users of this wonderful gift of nature are the Australian Aborigines, who still use it today to create a balance of energies in space.

In combination with white sage, its properties are raised to a new level.

White sage is intended for cleaning rooms, banishing negative energy. Eucalyptus, on the other hand, serves as an element of increasing vital energy and concentration. Great for all creative people who feel a lack of life energy.

Product features

  • Organic white sage, sustainably grown in California.
  • Organic eucalyptus, sustainably grown in the Netherlands.
  • The roll measures approximately 11 cm in length.

Instructions for use

Light the roll gently and slowly over the flame. We recommend lighting it over a candle flame. Direct ignition with a lighter is not desirable because it introduces unpleasant odors into the process. We want the ignition process to be natural, as it was done thousands of years ago.

When lighting the roll for the first time, let a small flame develop. It is important not to blow out the flame. Native Americans believe that by blowing the flame out of your body, you are lowering and extinguishing your soul. Therefore, we prefer to turn the white sage with sweet grass vertically upwards (so that the flame is on the upper side), where it will naturally extinguish itself and start releasing a pleasant and extremely relaxing smell.

If the flame does not go out by itself, wave the air to blow the flame out with the wind.

Energy cleaning of the room

We walk around the room with the smoking roll and make slow circles as we walk. This prolongs the smoldering.

We recommend that you hold a small container under the smoldering roll with your other hand, where any embers can fall and thus prevent damage to objects in your room.

If we want to cleanse the room of negative energy and protect it from further intrusion of unwanted elements, walk with incense over all the corners of the room and gently envelop the room in smoke. Let's not forget the corners of the room where negative energy tends to accumulate. White sage with sweet grass is then placed in a fireproof container and allowed to extinguish itself.

Don't worry, the incense will not burn to the end, you will be able to use it for a long time.

Stimulation for the soul that feels a lack of energy

There are days when we feel that all the energy has drained from our body. On such days, it is necessary to light incense with eucalyptus, sit comfortably and take in the energy that is being released around us with deep breathing. You won't regret it.