Agua de Florida (Florida Water) - 221 ml

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Agua de Florida (Florida Water) - 221 ml

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Agua de Florida began its journey in 1808. It was presented in New York, and its purpose was originally as a perfume or "unisex cologne".

It got its name from Florida, where it is said to be the source of the fountain of youth. This is also reflected in the graphics on the packaging.

Shortly after this recipe was made, Florida Water spread to South America, where it was discovered by local shamans.

Soon, due to its properties, they began to use it in their rituals for the purpose of energy cleansing, balancing the body and similar other purposes.

This gave Florida Water a new lease of life. Since then, most people use it precisely for spiritual purposes. Solange Knowles and Scarlett O'Hara are among the more famous people who swear by its use.

You can use it to energetically clean the apartment, protect yourself before leaving the apartment, add it to your bath for a greater purifying effect.

It smells wonderful of lemon, orange and spices like cloves and lavender.

Product features:

  • Florida Water plastic bottle,
  • 221 ml.