Kristali in kadila za čudovito leto 2024

Crystals and incense for a wonderful year 2024

As we enter 2024, many of us are looking for ways to improve our well-being and bring positive changes into our lives.

Incorporating crystals and incense into our daily routines in 2024 can significantly improve our overall well-being.

As we enter 2024, many of us are looking for ways to improve our well-being and bring positive changes into our lives.

Incorporating crystals and incense into our daily routines in 2024 can significantly improve our overall well-being.

Crystals, with their historical significance and various properties, can serve as focal points for intention setting and personal reflection. Similarly, the use of incense, which has been part of cultural rituals for centuries, can transform our living spaces into a calming sanctuary that helps reduce stress and promote a peaceful atmosphere.

Together, these tools can help you approach the year with a sense of balance, positivity, and active investment in change.

Let's look below at some different crystals and incenses that will make the start of the new year that much better.

The best products for positive energy

  • Crystals: Citrine is known as the 'stone of the sun', believed to radiate positive energy and joy. One such crystal is orange calcite , which with its glowing orange color always raises the vibrations in our rooms.
  • Incense: The classic choice for bringing positive energy into your life is definitely Palo Santo . You can also reach for sweet grass , the positive effects of which are also known to Native Americans.

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The best protection products

  • Crystals: Black tourmaline is known for its grounding and protective properties - it successfully protects us from negative energy, so it is good to carry it with you at all times. A popular choice is also the eye of the tiger , which not only protects, but also fills with inner strength.
  • Incense: The best choice for protecting your home and yourself is definitely white sage , as it has the power to remove accumulated negative energy from the space, people and objects. One of my favorite incenses for this purpose is also cedar , which was used to smoke the doors of temples to prevent negative energy from entering them.
  • Other products: In recent months, we have been surrounded by a lot of different energies, so I myself have repeatedly reached for the ritual salt for protection , with which I exfoliated myself before each start of the day and thus protected my energy. Before leaving home, I never forget to spray myself with Agua de Florida , which is also used by Peruvian shamans for protection.

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The best products for abundance

  • Crystals: We have to go back to citrine , which is one of the crystals we use to invoke abundance. Pyrite , also known as 'fool's gold', is another crystal associated with abundance and success.
  • Incense: Cinnamon combined with white sage will not only invoke abundance, but also purify the space and prepare it for changes. Pine incense also evokes well-being , which is also suitable for housewarming gifts.

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The best products for happiness

  • Crystals: Sunstone will bring happiness and light into your life, while Aventurine is the one that will knock on your door with an overflowing basket of happiness.
  • Incense: Lucky incense will bring happiness to our surroundings and help us to finally get in touch with our inner self. But if the incense rolls are not your thing, you can light the Good Fortune incense and indulge in the intoxicating aroma.

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The best products for inner peace

  • Crystals: The crystal that will calm you down the most and help you relax is definitely amethyst . But if this crystal does not suit you because of its popularity, blue lace agate is also a good choice, which in addition to peace also helps to eliminate anxiety.
  • Incenses: Lavender incenses are great for promoting relaxation and calmness, but you can also achieve inner peace with Inner Peace incense , which comes in combination with white sage for added purification.

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The best products for love

  • Crystals: The crystal of love is rose quartz or carnelian, which will not only invoke love in general, but also ensure love for oneself. But if you are in search of that burning love, carnelian will be the crystal for you.
  • Incense: My favorite choice that you can't go wrong with is the rose-scented Tibetan ropes that just scream love. Handmade in Nepal, they bring with them an additional peace and uniqueness factor. Lavender incense can also act as a tool to attract love into your life.

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The best transformation products

  • Crystals: If you want to invoke transformation in the new year, the crystal you are looking for is labradorite . For the manifestation of dreams, reach for flower agate , which is characterized by delicate pink colors.
  • Incense: When we are looking for a new direction in life and want to invoke change, we reach for incense with juniper or Opium sticks.

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The best products for energy purification

  • Crystals: To enter the new year with fresh energy, you must first get rid of the old, stagnant ones. The quartz crystal or stone lightning or selenite will help the most.
  • Incense: The best incense for purifying energy is white sage . You can also reach for desert sage , which will help eliminate any anxiety you are dealing with.
  • Other products: We also highly recommend a purifying bath or essential oils for this purpose.

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Set up a routine

Incorporating these crystals and incense into our daily routine can be a pleasant way to improve our overall well-being.

Remember, while the historical and cultural significance of these objects adds an interesting layer to their appeal, their true power lies in the personal meaning and refuge they bring to the individual.

Which of these crystals or incenses do you feel drawn to make your year extraordinary?

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