Kako uporabljati ritualne sveče?

How to use ritual candles?

Candles have always had a special power, regardless of culture, customs, or time. Our ancestors and other civilizations used them, but they have also stood the test of time, as we still use them today to create a special atmosphere or during our rituals. 

We have always associated them with transformation and creating a connection with other worlds or the universe.

A transformation due to heat, light and fire that transforms and changes everything that comes close to it. Creating a connection with other worlds or invisible forces is because candles light up every dark corner. We light candles for deceased people or we light them for a better atmosphere at home. And who could deny that they really add a wonderful magic to our everyday life?

Ritual candles and colors

The color of ritual candles plays an important role. Each color carries its own purpose, so different colors of candles are given different roles in our rituals.

Black color: Protection, removal of negative energy

White color: Peace, purification of energy, connection

Red color: Love, passion, letting go of fear

Orange color: Manifestation, success, confidence

Pink color: Love, friendship, forgiveness

Dark blue color: Wisdom, new beginnings, emotional healing

Light blue color: Peace, family, healing

Purple color: Meditation, spirituality, opening the third eye

Green: Abundance, success, heart healing

How to use a ritual candle?

Anyone can use candles in their rituals, regardless of knowledge or experience in spiritual practices. They connect all four elements: earth (hard wax), fire (flame), water (liquid wax) and air (candle smoke). This connection of elements is crucial in rituals, regardless of the branch of spiritual practice you are engaged in.

The easiest way to use candles is to take _ simple steps:

  1. Set an intention. What do you want to call into your life? Let the intention be one, specific.
  2. Choose the color of the candle based on the intention. If you want protection, take a black candle. If you want to manifest a specific goal, reach for an orange or green candle.
  3. Find a quiet place and purify it energetically. You can use crystals, incense or moon water for this. 
  4. Connect with the candle and give it the intention you set before. It helps to close your eyes and visualize the goal. 
  5. Place the candle in a candle holder or a container in which you can pour sand so that the candle will stand upright. Light it with an intention in mind.
  6. Watch the flame and visualize the target. You can also meditate by candlelight or include some other ritual along with it.

If you want to deepen your practice...

You can include various incenses, crystals or other tools that you use in your practice in your ritual.

For an even better effect, you can "engrave" your intention into the candle with a sharp object. 

You can also combine the candle with pieces of herbs. You anoint the candle with oil and sprinkle it with the herb that matches your intention. For example, you can sprinkle white sage on it for protection, rose for love, lavender for harmony, etc.

If during your practice you discover a routine that particularly suits you, you can arrange your own ritual. Follow your gut feeling, it never lies.

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